Back to work

A day earlier than expected, but I got tired of staring at the walls here at home, so I made my way back to work today. In typical fashion there was not much planned ahead, and John had it all nailed down, basically everybody told me to go back home. No fun. Instead I headed over for an oil change in my car and got some groceries.

Then the cell phone rang and it was time to play paparazzi/camera stalker. Our publisher sometimes gets these things that he wants done that I totally disagree with. Today I had to sit outside one of the local real estate offices and get some photos of one realtor as she left the office. Why? Supposedly she has been having her husband use his position in the city to steer business to her. I was not comfortable with doing this, but the more I thought about the more I realized a few things and reminded myself of one important thing. I realized that we see this type of stake-out photojournalism on a daily basis. Television crews go to people's homes all the time. And when people come and go at courthouses or other perp walks there are still and TV people there. This was not much different.

The really important thing that I remembered? It is his newspaper. He's majority owner, he signs the paychecks and ultimately it's his call what he wants to see in print.

In addition to this blog I am also taking a stab at having my own web page. I did some searching and secured a personal URL name and found a relatively cheap web hosting service so that I can put up a site to allow potential clients to see samples of my work. With such a common name I thought I would have difficulties creating a unique site name - for starters there is the very famous painter/artist Jeff Jones who did a lot of sci-fi book covers and other work in the 60's and 70's. And my name is so common... there is a reporter at the Albuquerque Journal with the same name. Anyway, the new site name makes sense and is fairly straightforward: jeffjonesimages(dot)com.

With any luck I can get it built in the next week or so. When it is up and running I'm sure I'll announce it here.
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