Christian Rivalry

Despite the fact my sports editor had, once again, given the wrong time for the assignment, I got to cover a soccer game today. Assigned for 5 pm, the game started at 4, and I found myself arriving at half-time. (The reporter walked in a few minutes after I did, so he was also told the wrong thing.)

In Gallup we have the public schools, and two private schools - Rehoboth Christian and Gallup Cathedral/Catholic. They are pretty evenly matched, and they have a rivalry without hating each other. There was some real physical play during the game, and the game was tied 2-2 with less than two minutes left. I did get a image of the player kicking the winning goal, but to me this crossing of arms and tangling with each other showed the duel that went on better.

Either way, it was nice to cover a game where I had daylight and didn't have to deal with strobes and other issues.
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