Detours for a Reason

At the start today was pretty non- productive day at the paper. I was mostly coasting because the two other staff shooters were working (also known as driving around praying for something to shoot because we have no assignments) and I was over 40 hours for the week. (Being salaried and having the holiday there was no overtime pay.) So after meeting Matt for a late lunch I was heading home from the paper and the traffic was backed up all over the place. Half the city is involved in a massive construction project and the result is that getting places quickly is now a bit of work.

I decided that a detour was in order, cutting around behind the mall and taking the back road past Wal Mart, over the tracks and out to Rt. 66. Well, the detour was a good idea. It only added an extra hour to my drive home. On the way I drove by some open grazing land that has been under water for the last couple of weeks because of our monsoon rains. The last few days it has started to dry up. As I was driving by I noticed something out of place in the middle of this wetland. I slowed down and pulled over and saw a Great BLue Heron just sitting in the middle of the field. It paid no attention to me as I hauled out my D2H with 300mm and 1.4 tele extender. I probably could have approached closer without disturbing it, but the land was mud, there was a barbed wire fence and 'no trespassing' signs pretty much dissauded me.

Still I got pretty close optically(though a 500mm f/4.0 lens would have been sweet!) and came away with a shot that I am personally happy with. Often I think my editor doesn't much care to see the wildlife and nature htings that I turn in on slow days, but I do hear about them from people in the community, and they always have favorable things to say. So why not put in some eye candy once in a while if the readers like to see it...?

As I said, the detour added an hour to my drive home, as I stood there moving a little this way or that to get rid of some annoying telephone poles and other items from the background. I also spent some time waiting for it to turn its beak just right so the sunlight would illuminate its eye. If it moved just a tine bit in my direction the detail and color in its eye was lost in shadow. I was hoping that just once it would stretch its wings and display a bit of motion. The only thing closeto that was it opened its beak for a moment.

My point for today is don't be afraid to alter your plans and go a different way. There might be a reason that you are being sent on a detour.
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