Downtime - a chance to learn

After being out of commission for nearly a week I am up and walking pretty well without crutches. I plan to take one more day of taking it easy before going back to work.

My time off has not been a total waste. I have been doing a lot of research on the internet about color space, printing and other things that are probably more techno-geek than I should be trying to handle. In particular I have been taking an on-line class from Epson. It is their Print Academy, a 12-week experience that only takes about 15-minutes a day to watch the video segments of. The tips they have for Photoshop are really good, and I think that I have already paid for the course with what I will save on wasted paper and ink.

My plan for tomorrow is to dig out the old D1H body (that my daughter dropped) and see if it needs to be sent in for repair. I gave her the D1H for Christmas, but I am thinking that she may be better off using the D100 as it has a better flash exposure and higher resolution. Regardless I need to wander out and make a few test images and get back into the shooting frame of mind so I can return to work Thursday.
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