Football Blowout

Homecoming football games can be very problematic here in Indian Country. I don't quite understand the reasons, but the players around here just seem to lack the skills to play the game. Either it is a lack of programs available to them as youths, or just physical size limitations, or something else. Whatever, there is just not a real big emphasis on football around here. Last week's game was a 66-0 blow out in Thoreau. This weekend was homecoming for Ganado, where they lost to Globe 25-0.
Covering these types of games are tough. For one thing, I am trying to show peak action and competitiveness. That is hard when the one team can't hang on to the ball, and the other team can't be touched or stopped. It is also tough psychologically. I don't want to pick on these kids out there working hard and trying their hardest to play the game. The idea behind these games is to teach the players team work and sportsmanship. It is hard to be excited about being on a team that is pounded into the pavement, and on the other side of the field the other team is rolling up the score rather than being good sportsmen. I guess they see the pros do it - worrying about their contract bonuses and stats to renegotiate their billion dollar deals, so they figure it is the thing to do.
Historically, newspapers would often change the scores of the games to make them sound less lopsided. While I don't agree with that practice, I do understand the reasons. I prefer to leave the final numbers out of the captions, and simply state which team won and lost.
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