Friday Night Lights...?

One of the most frustrating things for me working at the Independent is that we cover a lot of high school sporting events, and NONE of the venues have adequate lighting for making images. The high school in Gallup had decent lighting the first year the gym was opened - but that was 9 years ago. Now all of the lights are old and all you have to do is look around and you can easily see that each bulb is in a different stage of dying. They all glow different colors. This forced us to set up a studio lighting system up in the rafters.

Football is another story. Football is not a huge sport in this part of the world, and yet for some mysterious reason the people in charge keep insisting that all of the games be played on Friday night. Then somebody stand mid-field with a Zippo lighter and they say the lights are on... Why on Earth can we not have games on Saturday afternoons? It would mean students would not miss classes Friday to travel around the state. It would mean that parents would not have to leave work early to travel out of town and watch their kid play. It would mean that the schools would not spend money trying to light fields. And yes, it would mean that I could shoot a game in daylight and not have to be limited in my image making by how much power I have left in my flash unit.

So let's hear it for Saturday football games for the high school kids!

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