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While not particularly liking to be concerned with discussions of the equipment I use, I have been considering making the switch from Nikon to Canon camera systems. I started with Nikon gear in the mid-90's, and have stuck with them ever since. Lately however Canon has been so far ahead of them in image quality and file resolution size. Still, I was pretty tied in to using Nikon gear with as much money as I have invested in lenses for the Nikon cameras. More and more news photographers and newspapers are switching to Canon because of issues with image quality in low light situations.

In addition, many magazines and other photo buyers are demanding a high resolution image file for publication. My Nikon D2H camera with only 4.1 megapixels and D100 with 6 megapixels of resolution could not meet the requirements, so I could not even take assignments from these potential buyers of my work.

So Thursday I received my new Nikon D200 camera body. I have heard rave things about the camera (including an endorsement of the camera from a friend of mine that was working as a sales rep for Nikon), it was half the price that I paid for my D2H and more than double the resolution at 10.2 megapixels.

That evening I took the D200 and my D2H to a volleyball match and used both of them with the same settings. The results were stunning. Images from the D2H required a lot of sharpening and noise reduction and other image clean-up. The D200 images took virtually no clean-up and the file size was so large I was able to crop in without losing detail.

Armed with this new camera I am glad that I did not spend the money and take heavy losses to sell my Nikon gear and buy Canon. This camera has amazing quality and will handle all of the things the D2H did, plus a few more. Anybody want to buy a used Nikon D2H camera body?

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