Head Games

When I first started as a photographer for the Minnesota Daily I simply dreaded covering soccer. The field was huge, there was no way to keep up with the action and no time between plays to get set for the next move. Besides, who really cared about that sport?

That was a long time ago, and I find that soccer is probably my favorite sport to photograph these days. It is non-stop action, giving a lot of chances to get some esciting photos. Often the games are during the day or early evening (see my comments about lack of lights from yesterday). Plus, the kids don't wear any helmets or hats to obstruct their faces and the expressions.

My biggest complaint about soccer these days comes from having wrong information from our sports desk. The assignment said the game was at 12 Noon today. I went on-line to download the rosters for the schools and the official site for the New Mexico Activities assoc. said the games were at 2 pm ofr girls, and the assigned boys game was not until 4 pm. So I made a couple calls and got in touch with one of the coaches and confirmed the times. I'm glad I did. The assignment time was wrong and I would have missed some good images.

We had some great weather, really nice light, and some really good action. Times like today make me realize that even if I am not making a lot of money, I have a really cool job.
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