Incisions, incisions....

No photos to share today. Hard to take any when you are flat on your back in a hospital gown, unconscious as a surgeon goes to work repairing your knee. My wife called it a 'procedure' and not surgery. I guess it is semantics. I have been having some knee pain for about two years and when I finally got it checked out the conclusion was that I had a medial tear to my meniscus. The operation went smoothly and I was able to walk on my leg less than an hour after waking up. The crutches are more of a bother than a help, and the pain is pretty minimal.

I am going to be out of commission from working for about a week - maybe less if this is the worst of it. So I plan to dig up some older images over the next few days of sitting and keeping my leg elevated.

Even having had surgery today I really had a good day. I got to spend time with my friend (and pastor of my church) Don who was so gracious to offer me a ride back home from Albuquerque. I think I babbled a lot more on the drive back than I intended. Side affect of the stuff they gave me for the surgery...?

Now I get to legitimately sit on my sofa and watch TV for the next few days. Too bad there is not anything worth viewing.
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