Night light

Dusk and dawn are the periods photographers refer to as magic. The sun creates wonderful color and a directional light that makes subjects look their best. I got back from my Albuquerque doctor's appointment and watched the sun set, making the sky glow red as it lit the smoke and haze from the California forest fires. By the time I was back to my car and my gear the colors were alreadt fading. I pulled out my camera and wandered around the church grounds for a bit before this scene caught my attention. The streetlamp over the parking lot beamed through a tree and lit the wall with a warm yellow light that looks like the color of autumn. Lacking my tripod I used the wall of the building to brace my camera for a steady shot.

My trip to Albuquerque has two purposes. First was to get a check up on the progress of my knee. Piggy-backed on to that was helping out an elderly couple that were passing through Gallup and had a medical emergency here. They got moved to Albuquerque, with their car left behind. Since I was heading there anyway I volunteered to drive their car to them, and then my friend Don picked me up and brought me back to Gallup.

The news on my knee was not as good as I was led to believe on the day of the surgery. The surgery report revealedthat my leg had deteriated more than I thought, and there was some pitting in the bone, being stage I arthritis. And then there was another section of my thigh bone that actually has holes all the wat through -- Stage IV arthritis. I do not need physical hterapy, but have been cautioned that I need to eliminate kneeling, crouching, climbing ladders and impact. That's going to be a hard bit of advice to follow, between having my 18 month old son to play with, crawl around the floor, romp etc.; plus the crouching, kneeling , bending and manuevering I do with my shooting... Well, it will be tougher for me at basketball games.
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