Politics and Pigeons

I have photographed New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson on many occassions. Today was a rare time when I got an expression from him that I liked. He can be difficult to photograph at times, but today I got an imae of him that I actually liked, despite the busy background. The situation was him stopping in Grants, NM for a re-election rally and lunch.

While this image is a decent one of the governor, it does not do much to convey the scene. To do that I tried this second image that included a section of the people in attendance. With the guard rail and water behind him there was not a lot of room to move around, so the best way I could come up with to cover this was from the side with a very wide lens. It shows the scene a lot better, but the governor becomes a small portion of the photo. It also creates the problem of including my reporter in the picture (toward the left with the hat and his head lowered as he scribbles his notes)

People say that journalism is "History in a hurry." I wonder if photojournalism is Art with compromises.

My new camera arrived at the office this afternoon so after setting the clock and menus to where I wanted them I headed out to try it out. On the way to the office I had spotted a house with over 100 pigeons wandering around the roof. It looked pretty interesting and had some variety to lighting situations, so I decided to test the camera out there. I shot a bunch of images and the camera was working well. I finally decided that I had played around enough andwas getting ready to pack it in whenthe home owner arrived. After stopping to explain what I was doing I asked him about the pigeons, and he said he feeds them all the time, and was just getting back from the store with more bird seed.
Once he unloaded the car he pulled out a pucket and scattered some seed on his driveway. Suddenly the birds swooped down and started eating. As I moved to get a better angle the pigeons spooked and flew back to the rooftop. This happened a couple of times before I decided to simply stay put and shoot with a wide lens to get some motion of the birds flying down.
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