Tangled Web

Last night when I stopped by the house to see my son and grab a bite of dinner my wife pointed out a partially completed spiderweb in our back yard. The sun was setting and creating a really nice light illuminating the web and casting the background into heavy shadow. Getting the shot was a bit tricky as the wind was blowing, moving the web and making it hard to get an image in focus with the Macro lens. The advantage of digital imaging is that I could check the screen for exposure and focus to tell when I had the image.

Tonight the web was finished, but I got outside a little too late to make a new image of the completed trap. How does a spider know how to make something so complex? Do they even know what the big picture is when they are done? Perhaps our lives are like that - we move along and do what we think is right, not seeing the big picture of what we are accomplishing and not knowing how many different people we touch as we wander around and spread out the patterns of our days.

On my viewing list for tonight: 'Chased by the Light' - a documentary about photographer Jim Brandenburg's 90 day self assigned project to take one, and only one single photograph each day to record the change of seasons from fall into winter.

'If your mind isn't clouded by unnecessary things, this is the best season of your life.' --Wu-Men
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