100 years of faith

This weekend the Village of San Rafael, NM and the Mission there celebrated its 100th anniversary. I saw the advertisement for the event in the other paper -the Cibola Beacon (we use our presses to print the paper for them). The people were friendly and open to having me there, and I had to be somewhat rude and make a very brief appearance. We had one photographer on vacation thisweekend, and the other had to go to his hometown for a funeral. That left me having to come in on my day off and working solo. I was stretched thin with assignments in Grants, San Rafael and also back in Gallup, so I only stayed at the mission for about 30 minutes. The light was doing wonderful things with the scattered clouds, and several people were wearing great clothing.

The real heart of the celebration was set for after the Noon mass. There was a blessing and some dancers performing... but I had to be back in Gallup for volleyball.
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