Burning Down

Volunteer fire fighter Ed Cavanaugh stands next to a burning building and waits for a tanker truck to arrive with more water.
The building was only a few miles out of the city, but there are no hydrants in the area, and a bridge near the blaze would not support the weight of a loaded tanker truck sent from Gallup to assist. So the smaller trucks had to shuttle back and forth from the scene to where the tanker was and refill.
Even if the tanker had been able to cross the bridge the building would still have burned down, as the building was already fully engulfed when the call came in from the dispatch center.

The other images I created todat were of the crew from Hinkley Sign Company taking down a well known landmark sign in downtown. The sign was for the Downtown Plaza, which has housed a locally owned grocery store for years. The old neon lighting and the sign itself was so decayed that it was cheaper to replace than spend money upgrading the wiring and maintaining the old lights.
The first image is a bit loose and is a hard one to read the details in since it is so small, but I loved the position of the word "Down" in the foreground (from the Downtown Plaza sign) which summed up what the crew is doing.
The final image is the guys removing the old neon tubes from the front of the sign after taking it down.

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