Fan Mail

After a very long day of shooting yesterday and having to work this weekend (my usual days off) I took it easy today with only a short office meeting and work on some advertising images. I covered six assignments yesterday, including a rush advertising project, and ended up handling more than 30 images for publication.

As I was packing up the office to leave the managing editor tossed an envelope onto my desk and made some comment about it ticking. Inside I found a hand-written card from a lady who, should I call her elderly I would insult greatly. This woman and I have run into each other from time to time as I have been out working. She is a busy activist in the community, and our public library is named after her. She wrote:

What a joy your nature photographs are! You did it again with the extraordinary image of the blue heron in the Gallup area. Only you could have captured that moment. Then along came the spider!
Your sports photographs as well as your human interest ones are exceptional. Have you thought about compiling a photographic book with poetic quotations?

What was really interesting to me was that just yesterday I had told the managing editor that the only images I had gotten any feedback on lately were my nature photographs. He told me that he didn't mind running them.

There have only been a few times in the nearly ten years here that I have had somebody take the time to respond to my work. It felt really good to know that something I thought was worth spending time recording also touched somebody else.
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