Flashing flags and grazing horses

Much of the time the work that the photojournalists at The Independent end up turning in is self-generated. In some ways it is nice to have so much freedom to go out and find anything we want to make images of. Other times it is a chore to find something that is going to be of interest for the readers and the editors.
Today was a day of wandering around with a purpose. I had a few basic assignments - a "portrait" of an RV parked out at Red Rock Park for example. The girls practicing with the flags was not planned. I had an errand to run at the high school, and when I pulled up to the building these three girls were practicing their routines for this week's homecoming game performance. They were on the shady side of the building which really gave me a chance to drop to a slow shutter speed and capture some of the sense of motion in the flags.

The horses grazing image was just something I spotted as I was driving out to make an image for the story on RV parking at red Rock. I was crossing the bridge that traverses the railroad tracks and glanced down to see the colors of the flowers and weeds. The colors are unusual because of the extended drought we have been experiencing here. I parked just off the bridge and as I walked to find a pattern in the weeds these two horses emerged.
News? No. But it is a part of what life is here. I find it interesting that out here only the Indians are true cowboys.
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