A Good day of Shooting

Homecoming week. Almost every year I am the one that has to cover the annual "street painting" contest in front of the high school. It is done after school and the sun is going down, giving some bad lighting conditions. In other years I have been on tight timetables and not able to stay as long as I wanted. This year I got to stick around and keep working to see what I could get.
At first the shadows of people were a real problem for my getting the shot I thought I wanted. There were these awful patches of hot light and dark shadow. Once the painting filled in more, and more people stood around to watch I started to see a pattern of light and shadow stripes on the colors begin to emerge. The people that I had been wishing would move away only 20 minutes earlier were now helping me make a very different image than I thought I was going to come away with. In the end it was my favorite image of the day.

Earlier in the day I was sent on a quick feature story assignment to photograph the new chef out in the middle of nowhere. Franco Lee, who used to be a chef in Las Vegas, is now running the kitchen for breakfast and lunch in the little chapter house area called Coyote Canyon. The restaurant is simply The Coyote Cafe. He starts work at 5 am and finishes up at the cafe around 2 pm. Then he drives back to Gallup and runs the kitchen of a restaurant on the west end of town for the evening hours. He said he only gets about 4-5 hours of sleep a night, and I have no idea how he can manage the pace. I was tired from simply watching him work.

This final image from today was from a disappointing volleyball match. The Gallup team lost the match in three straight games. I wanted to show something that said they tried but came up short. Although the action on the image is a little late - the ball is already going behind her, I still kept the image because of her expression and because of her reflection in the floor.
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