I have begun to struggle with soccer already this season. A lot of the images I have made are looking the same. The two people colliding as they chase the ball is becoming a standard shot for me to anticipate and make.
Today I covered two games - the girls game was decent and I got a few unique images. By the end of that game the sun was disappearing behind the cliff next to the field, and the light was fading. The boys game bean and I thought about needing to start using a flash unit. Instead I decided to turn on the Auto-ISO setting on the camera, set a high shutter speed to catch the action fairly well and let the camera adjust the sensor to get the exposure. The game was moving along. I had a few possible images, and suddenly the action came right at me. I moved and the shutter speed allowed for a little bit of blur on the ball and the boys feet. Between the players being right in front of me, the motion blur, the auto-ISO option on the camera and shooting a RAW file instead of the JPEG format to give me image controls all added up to a shot that I like and that flash would have most likely ruined.
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