Traveling Light

As I walked out to my car this morning I felt like it was going to be a good day for images. There was fog in the air and the sun was trying to burn it off. I had an assignment to cover a small protest march in Window Rock, Ariz., but I had some spare time, and nothing starts on time in Window Rock. So I kept my eyes open during the drive. The fog was interesting, but it didn't seem like it would reproduce well in newsprint. It would be simply some grey objects and grey skies.
As I got closer to my destination the fog was burning off except in the low areas. The result was some color and light, and then the band of rock jutting up above the fog to give some type of scale and boundary to it. Then I borrowed the old landscape photographers trick and used a silhouette of a tree on the side to frame the image a bit, and it also blocked the sun from shining onto the front element of the lens and creating some really bad lens flare.

as I said, the march, like most things, did not start on time. As I waited for them to come into the area I has pre-selected I spotted this trail that ran up above the road and would give me a higher vantage point to look down and make images from. As I stood there waiting for my assigned subjects to appear this Navajo gentleman passed me, saying good morning as he walked. I watched him and was struck by the line of the sidewalk leading toward the hills, and then the crazy, out of control shadow line from the fence. I'm still not sure what the line from the shadow is supposed to be symbolic of - I could make up a story I suppose. In reality it is simply a compositional element to help lead the eye to the subject. The cowboy walking the line.
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