Watch Where You're Walking

We have a lot of pedestrian traffic in Gallup. We also have a lot of self-absorbed motorists who think that they are immune to laws, like yielding to pedestrians, using seat-belts, speed limits and not driving drunk... The Gallup police set up a sting operation of sorts in downtown today. They had several officers wait for cars to come and then they would walk out into the crosswalk and see if vehicles yielded to them. If cars did not stop thy radioed ahead to several officers two blocks up the street who pulled them over and gave them a verbal warning along with a flyer about pedestrian safety.
For this photo I knew I wanted to show how fast some of the vehicles were going, and how close they were to hitting the officers. I tried using a long lens to compress the image, and it worked okay, but to really get the effect I needed to slow down the shutter speed. The Nikon D200 and D80 both have an ISO sensitivity of 100, so I was able to set the camera to a low ISO, and a small aperture (f/22) to bring my shutter speed down to about 1/30th second. This gave enough time in the exposure for the moving vehicle to blur while still keeping the relatively stationary pedestrian sharp.
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