Wolf Bites

It has been a few years since I was able to visit the wolf sanctuary in Candy Kitchen, NM. Yesterday I stopped in for a feature story that one of the reporters was working on, and I got to go and play with the puppies. The white wolves in the first two photos are Arctic wolf pups, about six months old. They were a bit frisky when I first got into the enclosure with them, but they soon got bored with me and went off to play. There was also a Timber wolf pup in the area. Getting a photo of him was nearly impossible. He craved attention, constantly jumping up on me and crowding against me. During his excited jumping he snapped at me and managed to clip the bridge of my nose. He didn't draw any blood, but I do have a small puncture spot on my nose.

The last photo is of an adult wolf in a different enclosure. The adults seem a bit more wary of people, and so I stayed outside and used a 300mm lens, focusing through the fence. If the light on the chain link fence is right it is possible to shoot right through the fence and not have it show up in the photo.
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