Festival of Trees

As a fund raiser for the local Kiwanis club, the past two years a variety of businesses have set up Christmas trees and donated items to go with the trees. Once the trees are set up people can buy tickets for a chance to win the trees. Tickets are two for one dollar, and once purchased you simply go to the trees you like and drop your ticket in the container next to it. Then a drawing is held to give away the trees and items.

The space that was used for setting up the display is the empty K-Mart space at the mall. Very large, and less than interesting light made making a photo challenging.

At first I made some images of employees from Wal-Mart (don't get me started about them!) setting up a tree, but there was something a bit static and uninteresting about them.

I finally decided that I could add some tension/movement with a slow shutter speed, and at the same time kill my lighting problems. I set up a tripod (now there's something I rarely do for newspaper work) and set a slow shutter speed that would make the people walking through the area into ghostly blurs.
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