Go Team Go - Grand opening

Te assignment was simple and last minute - get an image for the opening of the new sports apparel and souvenir shop downtown. They're putting up the sign out front right now.
When I arrived I was not real impressed with the inside of the store. There was a ladder in the middle of show floor, and the two employees were not doing anything visual. Back outside the sky was pretty ugly, so I was looking for a way to minimize it. In the end I started looking at the diagonal lines from the lift, and the reflection of it all on the store window. I considered using a polarizing filter to eliminate the reflections and allow the readers to see right into the store, but I think that in the end, having the reflection with the odd bits from the display being visible make the photo a bit more interesting. And as Vinvent Versace said at the Epson Print Academy, Audience involvement is important.
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