Ground Breaking images

One of the least enjoyed assignments in newspaper photography is to cover a traditional "Ground-breaking" ceremony. A bunch of dignitaries stand around with shovels, pose and pretend to dig the dirt a little bit. At least this one had some color to it. The sun was cooperating and the red shovels popped out against the red ground and blue skies. I was not even interested in getting the traditional image of people digging... at first.

Once the speeches were over and the people moved to the ground-breaking area. There seemed to be a lot more shovels for this event than would usually be needed. The reason was that the school was including two students from each grade in the ceremony. It was still the same thing, but the kids digging gave it a bit of a twist and made it less about the people who wanted to be recognized. The best part was that the kids just kept digging and digging...
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