Soccer Losses

The road to the New Mexico State high school soccer championship title started today, and for the teams from Gallup it proved to be a short one. The Rehoboth boys lost 3-2 in overtime, and the Gallup Cathedral team lost 2-0. The image above was a moment that started and ended very quickly. One of the star players was taking the loss very hard. He walked past the coach, and the coach quickly wrapped his arms around him for a brief hug to try and console him. The background has a bit more going on in it than I would like, but the rim-lighting and the inter-connection of their hands still makes the image work well in my opinion.

This image is one that I didn't even realize I had until I got back to the office to edit. The big problem with a D-SLR camera is that for the image to be recorded the mirror flips up and the viewfinder goes black. For sports in particular, if you see the action then you missed the shot. When I saw these two players heading together I tripped the shutter, not knowing what had actually happened. As you can see, the Rehoboth player took a kicked ball right in the bread-basket.

This third image is of a player from Gallup Catholic getting overly aggressive in trying to make a slide-tackle. He did break up the play, and knocked down his opponent. He also earned himself a yellow card for his actions.
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