Wildcat house

In the remote north eastern corner of Arizona is a community called Chinle. Not much of note is there, except for the great tourist attraction, Canyon de Chelly. (French, so its pronounced d-shay). The Navajo people are basketball fans in the fullest sense of the word - fanatics. Until I came to this area I had never thought a high school basketball game could have a sell-out crowd that would make enough noise to require the use of earplugs.

To accommodate all of those sports fans a new sports complex was created - to the tune of $31 million. ($24 mil for the arena and $6.9 mil for the aquatic center). Today was the formal dedication for the complex. I really did not want to have more photos of talking heads at a podium, but rather wanted to get some behind the scenes stuff and show off the facilities. The answer to my wants was to get the sound system guy running the board. He not only ran the board today, but he also designed the sound system with 28.5k watts of power.

The pool is something truly new to kids in the middle of the high desert. I made some images of the pool itself, with light from the windows reflecting onto the water, but then students from the high school came in and started getting up close, and that seemed more compelling. Newspapers do best when they are telling about the stories of people, and people doing things is the stuff we thrive on.
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