Art and Authors

This sculpture and painted pony are the work of more than three dozen artists, and it is truly a one-of-a-kind piece. This week is the Reunion of the Masters, where several of the more famous Native American artists come and give demonstrations at the Gallup Cultural Center, and to top off the event the sculpture is being raffled off. When I was there at the gallery I was told that more than 125 tickets had been sold, and the price was $1,000 per ticket.

What's really interesting about today is that I started out with no assignments for the day. Checked around for something going on, and our local community calendar had a listing for the reunion of the masters demonstrations. I wandered on over, got the images of the kids and the author (below) and decided to photograph the sculpture as long as I was there. Back at the office I edited and filed the photos and was heading out the door when a reporter told me she was doing a story on the event, and a second story on the raffle of the sculpture, and wanted to know if I could get some photos for it.

Something new this time around was to also include some authors in the events for the week. Author Roberta John came to the gallery and read both of her books to students. I tried a couple of different angles for this, and decided that this image worked the best - showing the cover of the book, the author's face and some of the children she was reading to. The editors decided that they wanted to run the other photo (below) . It is certainly a different angle, but I didn't like that the image was not showing any expressions of the kids, and the main element in the frame is the table, which is somewhat boring.

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