Balloon-mania: aka Baaaalloons

After several years of bad weather at the annual Red Rock Balloon we finally had a perfect day for lift-off today. For something a little different I decided to hike to the top of the rocks and shoot my images from above. I did this some years ago, and had some nice images from it, but today gave me an unexpected gift. I have never seen any critters on top of the cliffs before, so when I got to the top and found myself staring at a herd of goats I was not sure how they would react.

They started out keeping a wary eye on me, then slowly moved away from me, but with only the cliff in that direction they were somewhat trapped. I made several different images, but none were really strong. Then the balloon came up the side of the rocks, and as the pilot neared the peak he hit the burner to get more lift. The roar from the burner scared the goats more than I did, so they decided it was time to leave. As they hurried past me I tripped my shutter and the resulting image is one that I really like.

The rest of the images here are other things I saw during the mass ascension. Overall, the day went well, and the photos came out clean and bright.

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