Christmas Pies and Food Drives

This is one of those "Oh yeah, by the way" type of assignments that we sometimes get. Still it had potential to be fun, and I had an open block of time so I went over to Juan de Onate elementary school to make some images of kids baking Christmas pies. When I arrived the preparations were done, and the pies were already in the oven. Disappointing, but the pies still had to come out of the oven...

So the students all marched down to the cafeteria, wearing their hand-made aprons, and took turns standing on a milk crate to peer inside the oven and check their pies. (I was impressed at ho well the staff and the teacher did of keeping the first graders safe and orderly in the kitchen, well away from the oven and other potential hazards.)

After a short wait some of the pies were ready to come out. The kids circled the little tray full of pies and it left me trying to figure out how to show the interest they all had. Normally I like facial expressions to carry the images. This time I think that the downward gazes and extending hands do the job of showing how interested the kids all were.

The afternoon gave me a simple assignment, but one that I was glad to cover. Students at the alternative high school had collected just under 1,000 pounds of food to donate to the local food bank. Once it was gathered the students then toted it out to the parking lot. I nearly laughed, but held my tongue when I realized that the administrator's truck was in the shop,and the students were loading nearly 1/2 ton of food into the trunk of his Ford Taurus. Definitely NOT the vehicle I would choose to move that much cargo with.
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