Church Rehearsal

Hardly feels like it is Christmas time already, Especially after being absent from work for the past week, travelling to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri for my daughter's graduation from boot camp and MP school. Regardless, it is the holiday season, and rather than give all the attention to the big churches that are always getting attention I decided that I would focus on my own church. This is the first Christmas pageant we have had in several years due to a lack of children in the church. That has changed now though, and there are a dozen children involved in our congregation.

I am not especially happy with this image, but having some issues with getting out the door this morning for work I arrived later than I wanted to. That only gave me a few short minutes to make images before the rehearsal ended and the kids shed their costumes and fled. When I broached the subject of making images during the actual event tomorrow, my wife acted like I had gone completely daft. "Of course you can't take any photos during a worship service" she said. This attitude has me perplexed. Without going into issues of faith and belief too deeply, I wonder at the idea. What the Bible says is that we are supposed to use our gifts (talents) and spread the good news. The church has a goal of expanding its membership and becoming more noticed in the community. So, by my way of thinking it should be perfectly fine to promote the church and its ideas using my skills and spread the word to as many people as possible - which the newspaper is my best conduit for. Posing photos is out. Never an option, so the best thing is to photograph the event. That is the ethical way, and only proper way for a photojournalist to work. Tell the truth, don't manipulate.

So, that really left me confused as to what my role is supposed to be in this church. Like perhaps there is something wrong with making photographs. If there is, then I have some serious issue with my life because my work is the biggest item that I use to define myself.
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