Clean Sweep

My assignment was to "go to the golf course and get some shots of them working on the greens." Of course, with patches of snow still on the ground there was no work going on. I did find some teenagers working in the maintenance yard, cleaning up the shop area. The light coming through the open doorway was interesting, and I made a few frames. That's when the one boy looked at me and asked if I was from the Independent. "Jeff... Jones?" he asked. I nodded. Turns out I photographed him several years ago when he was practicing for an upcoming motocross race. I made a few more images and he piped up, "You know, this isn't my job. We got in trouble and are doing some community service hours." Oh. So much for doing anything with the photos was my thought in response. "I guess you really don't want to be in the paper then... how about if I just keep the caption generic and say that you are working at the golf course and not say why?"

"Whatever. It doesn't bother me. We got in trouble and its our fault. we were just stupid." I didn't press for more details, and I kept the caption generic. After all, the photos were supposed to go with a golf course story. But now, I find myself wondering what the brothers had done, and being mildly impressed with this one young man's ability to accept his actions and the consequences.
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