The Window Rock Scouts were undefeated this season, until Saturday night's game at Gallup High School. To be fair, the Scouts are a 3A school from Arizona, while the Gallup Bengals are a 5A school in New Mexico. They are not all that evenly matched, especially in size. That doesn't mean that they had no business being on the court. They put on a good game, and even took the lead to start off with. In the end they lost 69-59.

I did something at the game I have not done in a while - shoot with direct/on camera flash at the Gallup gymnasium. We have gone through a lot to get lights set up in the rafters of the gym. The photos look nearly studio quality as a result. But at one of the earlier games I got a urgent text message from one of our other photographers that one of the power packs was sparking and had smoke coming out of it. These power packs are old and may not stand up to another rebuild. In the meantime I chose to use my camera mounted flash unit rather than play games with the big lighting kits. It appears to have worked okay. I just need to dial the power down as low as possible to keep from distracting the players.
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