Fitness Documentary

As the new year stares us in the face we think about doing things different, better. Improving ourselves and our lives. Almost everybody makes resolutions, and often those include fitness goals. That gave today's assignment a great timing. The Navajo Nation Special Diabetes Project is creating a documentary over the next six months that deals with physical fitness and success stories.

Christopher Burnside has been following the efforts of Miranda and Ernie Tsosie for the past month, so when I showed up this morning with my bag of lenses they hardly noticed. I got a few smiles and nods here and there, but for the most part they just went about their workouts. Cool. And to make things better, since the story is about the making of the documentary it actually worked better having Chris get into my frame with his camera.

At one point during the workout Ernie made reference to his fitness affecting his personal life and his performance on stage. That is when it sunk in that I had photographed him several months before - as part of the comedy duo - James and Ernie.

Today Ernie and his wife worked out hard today, and I was tired just from watching them. He claims it is getting easier, both physically and mentally. Maybe next year I'll have the energy to think about working out...
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