Holiday Musicians

The music teacher from Turpin Elementary School invited us to cover his annual holiday concert again this year. Some of it was cute, some of it painful. You know, typical kids performances. For the most part the kids just stood up and did their thing, with Mr. Markham directing with his back to the crowd. Since this was the product of his hard work I wanted to show him in the image, and show a bit of interaction if I could. People doing things and connecting with others tells a story. So I snapped some frames of different performances, then came some students in traditional Navajo dress, mixed with Santa hats on others. all of them were playing wooden flutes. It seemed such an odd mix of cultures that I started looking for a way to make an image from it. That is when Randy started playing the flute and walking back and forth in front of the students while directing them. It gave me an image that summed up the different cultures as well as the idea of teacher showing students.
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