Kindergarten Traditional

As the year winds down and everybody goes into Christmas break mode we get a lot of last minute calls from places wanting us to cover this or that event. Many of them are similar to each other, and often times the last minute notice simply does not give us enough time to cover the event.

This was not the case. The staff at the Crystal Boarding School (near Navajo, NM) called us a couple of weeks in advance to tell us about their event. Then they also called the day before to remind us and see if we could come out. I have been very sick with a sinus infection and sore throat, but if people were willing to work with us to give us advance notice then I was willing to drive the hour each direction and cover their event.

The event was actually the children's Christmas program. Some of it was disorganized and some of the kids were not very interested. The kindergarten class did not have that problem. These children stole the show, performing a traditional Yei Bi Chei dance in their traditional Navajo dress. I was very happy I had been invited, though because I am sick I talked only briefly with a few people before leaving. I figured it would be better to be slightly rude and leave than to visit with a lot of people and pass off my germs to everybody. Merry Christmas, eh?
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