A semi-truck lays on its side in the median of I-40, three miles east of the New Mexico/Arizona border, while a tow truck salvage crew get ready to start pulling the cargo and setting about righting the truck.

(Below) - A police officer looks at the damage to a car that slid out on the hill and smashed into the curb. When he stopped to check on the driver a second car slid down the hill, hitting the first car and knocking it into the front of the patrol car. The damage was minor, but they still had to send a second patrol car to write up the accident report for the first unit.

I am not sure what time this morning the snow actually started, but we got somewhere around an inch of the frozen mess on the ground. We get a couple of these snow falls each year, and still people are surprised, and do not adjust their driving in the slightest. What really surprises me is the truck drivers on the highway that have so much trouble.

The Wreck on I-40 was right next to a rest area, so I parked there to keep my vehicle safe from getting hit wile taking photos. As I was walking by the truck area I found this driver working on his wipers and the sprayers to keep his windshield clean. A big problem with snow around here is that it melts away pretty fast, and the result is a lot of slush and spray on windshields.
The lighting for this was awful - I knew I didn't want to mess around with using a flash, and I didn't have a lot of time to get the shot (he was done in only a minute or two). So I shot the photos in RAW/NEF file format and metered for the clouds and added 2/3 of a stop. I did not want to lose the details completely. Then back at the office I used the Shadow/Highlight tool in photoshop CS2 to darken the highlights and bring out some detail in the shadows. After that I fine tuned the image using a couple of layer adjustment masks to dodge out spots on his face and burn down some of the detail in the clouds.

At this point I am shooting almost exclusively in the camera RAW format. It gives me some real flexibility in the final image toning, but is gobbling up space on my external hard drives.
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