Animal and People Control

Browsing through our paper's community calendar I found that the Humane Society was having a low cost Spay & Neuter clinic today (and every Wednesday). A quick telephone call got me an invitation to come and make some images and get the word out to the readers about the clinic, and that the city is going to begin enforcing a standing law that requires pet owners to have breeding permits for their animals that have not been 'fixed.'

My afternoon involved a trip to Grants where the police department has decided ti invest in a Segway people mover to patrol in the downtown areas. The unit cost $5400 and can go up to 12 MPH. (Personally, I am partial to bicycles since they can certainly go faster than a mere 12 MPH, but this unit is in addition to the bicycle patrols they have...)

The photo was shot with me dragging the shutter as much as I could in daylight and then panning with the officer as he zoomed past one of the patrol cars.
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