Cancer Treatment

The New Mexico Cancer Center had an open house for its new facility here in Gallup today. The reporter and I found out about the event at the last minute, but fortunately the timing worked out where I was able to make some images before heading out to my sports assignments.

The $6million facility has a Linear Accelerator as its main piece of equipment (costing approximately $1 million) and I went to take a look at it as people were touring the center. The result was this image of the radiation therapist explaining details about the machine and demonstrating how it can rotate to give treatment to a very specific spot on the patient. (**the water tank on the table is not part of the machine, but is part of a required Federal test being done before the accelerator can be used).

The other shot here was taken first, before I saw the accelerator. I was looking at how clean and sterile the room looked, and with the use of my 12mm lens I was able to get the whole room into one frame. It lacked people though, so I knew I needed a second image for story telling purposes.
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