Derailed - Political Process

Workers from GandyDancer LLC, and Albuquerque based railroad contractor, work to clean up the damage Monday after a five car train derailment early in the morning blocked both sets of tracks in Houck, Ariz.

Leonard Tsosie raises his right hand and takes the oath of office from Chief Justice Emeritus Tom Tso as he is sworn in Monday morning as a Navajo Nation Council Delegate in Window Rock, Ariz. Tsosie said that the decision to leave his position as a New Mexico Senator to become a council delegate was difficult, but ultimately came down to the opinions of his constituents.

Meanwhile, outside.....
Calvin Johnson, left, president of the C-Aquifer for Dine, leads others in chants against the use of water by Peabody during a protest Monday in front of the Navajo Nation Council Chambers in Window Rock, Ariz.

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