Grants and Dragons

Las Alamitos eighth grade student Zachary Smith entered a competition with the Nickelodeon television network and won a $5,000 prize for sports equipment, games and other items to be purchased for the Future Foundations Family center in Grants, NM.

These are some portraits that I made in about 10 minutes with a fairly shy 8th grade boy. He plays on the school's basketball team and had won a grant for athletic equipment for the local rec center, so it made sense to stick him in a setting like this. The colorful basketballs that I found inside the gym when I started to set up were a stroke of luck. I gave him a ball to dribble and it relaxed some of his nervousness .

The images are made with available light. The gymnasium at this school has an incredible wall of frosted windows on the one side, and I just had to set and click.

Below are a couple of ad photos I shot for an upcoming Chinese New Year event at one of the Chinese restaurants in town.

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