Haircuts are boring

I was having a slow day of finding photos. Gave up and went to get my hair cut. In the process I realized that for quite some time now I have been breaking one of the cardinal rules of photojournalism: Always have your camera ready. This time it was in the trunk of my car.

As I sat waiting my turn for the barber this little boy climbed into the chair and started making some wonderful faces in reaction to the scissors. I sat for a few minutes before deciding I needed to get my gear and make some images. When I returned with my camera the faces were fading. I had missed the shot. IT wasn't a total loss though, because soon the little kid was fast asleep. Yep, the barber was struggling to keep him from falling out of the chair. I got lucky and still made an image from what was a missed chance.

Basketball can be an easy sport to cover, if you are willing to settle for the standard armpit shot of the player shooting the ball. I have been making it a point to try and get those types of images only as back-ups, in case the sports desk decides they need a file photo for a profile or something. What I am really interested in is the unusual. The collisions and the out of control moments. Chasing down the loose ball and such. Here the games are competitive enough that even the girls have their share of contact.
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