Metalics and Serendipity

Paul Bosco empties bags of aluminum cans onto a conveyor belt that feeds them into a compactor Wednesday afternoon at B&R Pawn Feed Recycling and Livestock on Maloney Avenue in Gallup.

Brandon Garcia touches up the paint on his recently completed 468-cu Big Block Chevy engine that he is preparing to put into his modified El Camino SS at M&R Auto on Maloney Avenue in Gallup. Garcia, who is the vice president of M&R, takes his truck to Albuquerque to compete in drag racing events.

The bottom image here is the one I intended to make. I was driving around town and saw this engine block sitting in the doorway to the garage. I was expecting that there would be a mechanic soon working on it. Brandon told me that he was going to paint the engine in a little while and that his mechanic would start working in putting it in next week. I checked with him on what time I should return, and when I did he was practically done. He sprayed a few squirts of paint as a touch-up to spots, but with the black paint on black engine it didn't read as well as I had hoped.

That was when I spotted the can recycling machine going like mad. I made some images of Paul dumping cans in from ground level, but was not happy with the shots - they were of his back and not really showing the conveyor all that well. Soon Paul moved to the back side to pull out one of the blocks of cans that was stuck. I made a few frames that I liked, (including the middle frame here) when I thought to myself, it would be really great if I could climb up and make my images looking down. As I stood there I suddenly realized that on the back side of the conveyor was exactly what I had wanted - a small steel ladder was leaning against the machine, perfect for me to get to the top and make my shot.
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