Structure Fire (where there's smoke...)

I was having a slow news day today. The only thing that was remotely interesting was construction crews starting to demolish the Munoz overpass bridge (one of the two main roads linking the north and south sides of Gallup that doesn't require you to sit at the railroad crossings and wait for countless freight trains to go by).

As I was making my photos of the demolition one of the workers pointed over my shoulder and said "now that's your real news story."

In the distance a black plume of smoke was rising high into the air. Obviously something was burning. So I hiked back to my car, parked some distance away because of the road closure, and headed north.

The flames would prove to be a fully involved structure fire about five miles north of town. I got there and the flames were still going, but being knocked down fast. Unlike the problems I have talked about with the city, the county sheriff's department has no issues with my being at a fire scene, and I had some really good access.

The firefighters pretty much all know me, and all trust me to look out for myself (read - stay out of their way!).

The results are that I get some exciting photos and get to show them hard at work.
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