Winter of the Soul

Sometimes I think that newspaper work is killing my creativity. Sure, I get to go out and make photos every single day, and I get to be a lot of places that others won't/don't go to and make images. The problem with that is that I need to find the best options to tell the reader a story that will make sense to them and have a reason. Creativity is more about expressing the things that say something to you. I feel that if art is done for any other audience than the person creating it then it is no longer art, but product. Sometimes when I am out and about I spot something that interests me. I try not to analyze the why too much. I instead focus on what it is that interested me and make an image just for myself. This is an image like that. At the end of the day I decided to turn it in to the paper as well, knowing that often there is a need to fill space and break up 80 inches of rambling text. Whether it gets published or not does not matter. The image already served its purpose when I made it.
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