Car vs. Pedestrian

Gallup firefighters and EMTs from MedStar Ambulance move an injured pedestrian onto a gurney as they prepare to take him to the hospital Tuesday evening at the intersection of Maloney and US 491 in Gallup after he was struck by an SUV. The injured man was knocked unconscious by the impact and suffered cuts to his face, a broken leg and possible head injuries.

The police were being a little bit contrary today. Even though they had squad cars parked blocking off lanes and I was simply standing about five feet into one of the closed lanes, directly in front of a police car with traffic in the next lane completely stopped they decided I needed to be chastised and harassed for photographing this tennis shoe. I really have to wonder what it is that the department thinks our presence is doing that is so wrong. A year ago they posted a very large metal sign at the scene of a crime that was nonsense when you read it carefully, about how any photographs taken at the scene were done without the permission of the police department. It basically made it sound like we were violating some rule or law because we had not gotten clearance to make images of something in plain view. I think the chief of police and the city attorney need to study the Supreme Court rulings about the free press.

Totally shifting gears, this is a feature photo that I stumbled on after doing an advertising assignment downtown. I was interested in the shadow and the framing of the light pole around him added to the high contrast of the white paint he was adding to the wall. At first I was not really crazy about the way the light and sign framed him, but the more I study the image the more I like it. It is a different type of image than I usually make, using surroundings to give the scene and yet not having to go ultra-wide angle to do it.
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