Guess what- Basketball...!

The main portion of the Arizona high school basketball season is over. Only one of our area teams is going to Phoenix (Glendale) for the semi-finals. The rest are out. So after being gone most of the week I got to come home today for what was my scheduled day off. And I went to cover a basketball game.

To be fair about it, the other two photographers had their hands full today, covering the Grants winter Quadrathlon at Mt. Taylor. With one of them stranded on the mountain until the race ended (they close the roads and not even media are allowed on the course these days) and the other hanging out at the finish line it was doubtful that they would be back in time for the game. Well, at least in time for the game as it was assigned. The sports desk had the game an hour earlier than it really was, and so by the time it finally started I was already chomping at the bit to go home and spend some time with my son.
I set up a pair of SB-800 flash units on light stands and set them off with Pocket Wizard transmitters and was able to light one portion of the floor. This was 1A girls action, and the first half was hont going well at all for the home team. Between them trailing, and the gym having a stage on one end for me to put the light stand on and no place safe on the other end (near the bathrooms and entrance) I decided to pack it in. Of course, leaving early meant that I didn't cover the game thoroughly, and I missed their comeback victory.

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