MedStar Ambulance EMTS Albertina Watts and Alan Ashley check on the condition of a woman who was struck by a vehicle while riding her bicycle Monday morning at the intersection of Fourth Street and Maloney Avenue in Gallup. The unidentified cyclist was wearing a helmet and appeared to have only minor injuries, but was transported to Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital to be checked out.

This situation was minor, but it could have been more serious. The cyclist was wearing a helmet, but it doesn't change the fact that drivers around here do not pay enough attention to what they are doing. On a daily basis I witness people behind the wheel pull up to traffic lights and top with their vehicle completely blocking the crosswalks. I see people make right turns on red lights without even slowing down and acknowledging the fact that cars are coming the other way with a turn arrow.

I was on this scene even before the City cops were. I was only four blocks away and already in my car when the call came over the police radio. For once I was left alone by the police on scene, and one of them was actually pleasant to me and made a remark about how it was "pretty bad that you beat us here."
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