When the Wind Blows

Yes, it gets windy in the spring-time in New Mexico. Roofs peel off buildings, signs are damaged and blown down. This week has been like that. While driving around I spotted a billboard laying flat on the ground with a small crew working on it. I introduced myself, talked to the workers a few minutes and made some images. The sign had not blown down completely, but had been damaged and the crew was working to replace the entire sign before it came down on its own and possibly hurt somebody.

This first image here is of one of the guys using a cutting torch. The sparks were falling down, and suddenly the wind gusted and blew them back up at him. His black short gave a good background to make the sparks stand out visibly.

This second image is all wrong - shot almost straight into the sun. Not much color, But I have been looking at the sameness of my images lately and trying to find somethign a little different to work on. So I decided that I would look at the shadows and lines and not worry so much about color.
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