Baseball Time in Thoreau, NM

My first baseball game of the season was moderately successful. The lighting was difficult as the clouds kept playing hide and seek with the sun, leaving my meter readings changing every time I blinked. The first frame here was shot using the paper's old Nikon D2H camera, with a 300mm f/2.8 and I think a 1.4x teleconverter from the 1st base dugout. Something seems a little off in the details and highlights, even though I was shooting in RAW/NEF file.

A long time ago I had a book called Sports Photography or something of the sort. In there was an image of a pitcher that was just a blur of motion. I had something like that in mind for this image. A National Geographic photographer said (and of course I can't remember his name right now) that just because you are taking a still image doe not mean that the image has to be still. After a long season of basketball I decided that I wanted to play around with motion blur a little bit. The pitcher was the best choice - repeated action in a predictable spot with nearly the same speed. With digital cameras I can check my LCD and see if I need to increase or decrease the shutter speed to get the amount of blur I am after. Then It was simply a matter of making the image and panning with the head enough to keep the face sharp.

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