Vision Check and Junior Police Officer Academy

Today was a busy/productive day in terms of assignments. None of them were extremely in-depth or wonderful stories, but they were all solid community awareness pieces.

I started off at the Baca Community school near Prewitt, NM. A group out of Gallup called ChildSight New Mexico was providing eye exams at the school and also ordering eye glasses. Even though I was invited by the eye people, I had fallen down on making contact with the school to make sure things were good. The staff was great and made sure to let me know which students had signed permission slips on file allowing the children to be photographed.

I then made the images with only the slightest bit of the child's face showing. I was really caught up with the details of the Phoropter that they use, and even spent some time taking some personal shots of just the machine with some dramatic lighting.

This other assignment is from a feature story about 25 students from Grants, NM attending a Junior Police Academy training. Today's events were held at the Western New Mexcio Correctional Facility. Because I had a total of five assignment today I was not able to spend the entire day with the junior officers. They had some interactions with some of the inmates before I got there.

Once through the front gates I was escorted to a gymnasium with some of the ugliest lighting I had ever seen. Half the lights were off, and the ones that were on were a hideous yellow cast. I did what I could with available light, but there was no contrast to the images and I ended up having to use strobes.

The students got to try their hand at firing shotguns and pepper guns. The shotguns were loaded with bean-bag shells, and did not give much of a kick when fired - but inside a bare gymnasium they did echo...
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